Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Music on the web.

These sites have some songs that you can hear online while you read or complete the lyrics:

1 - - a radio station's site from Minas Gerais.

Try this song to start with. I like it very much.

For more songs, see the list on:

2 -

Here you will have to complete the boxes with the words of the song.

Try this song. It is not so complicated:

See you soon.


zé (si) said...

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher,

I loved it !!! \o/

I'll always surf here!!



Pedrina said...

Hi Pietra,
I'm glad you liked it.

viviane said...

Hey Pedrina!
I really loved this blog, your tips are super...
Thanks a lot and kisses
See you

Viviane (CETESB) said...

Hi, Pedrina.
What's up?
I liked very much this blog. Thank you for invited me.
Have a nice holiday.

Best Regards,